Tell the world why you are doing what you are doing


This morning I woke up to a tweet from Do Lectures asking us to:

Tell the world why you are doing what you are doing

My purpose is #MakingPotentialPossible. It has always been deep inside me to see the potential in people, businesses, organisations, then I sit with them as they choose and act to realise it. I love in particular when this inspires bravery.

This was my instinctive answer

I feel privileged to know this is my Purpose, my “Why”. What’s yours?

Whilst I firmly believe that our Purpose is something that is and has been with us always, mine emerged most strongly in my forties, from where it became clarified and focussed, then guided how I have shaped my life.

In all of this, I had the gift of several amazing coaches and mentors, to whom I give thanks daily, including my greatest mentor in life, Ed Percival, to whom the page Be More You on my site is quietly dedicated, a page that is for you to ask yourself what it could mean for you to “Be More You”.

If you’d like to explore your “Why” with me and how it can help you make your potential possible, book a Zoom call with me as a starting point.

I love to help with this, it is my “Why”, after all. Now, I leave you with this:

What are the two most important days in my life? THE DAY YOU WERE BORN and THE DAY YOU REALIZE WHY YOU WERE BORN! And why were you born? You were born to bless the lives of others. You were born to make a contribution.

Anita Canfield

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