Be aware of FOGB

FOGB - Fear of Going Back - Go Forward
Focus on going forward to release fears of going back.

Most of us have heard of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Some of us, particularly introverts, have heard of JOMO (JOY of Missing Out).

Very recently, as we look towards emerging from our homes, have heard the phrase FOGO (Fear of Going Out).

As it relates both to going back to “the office” (remember “the office”?) and to the way the world was before, one more acronym for you today:

FOGB – Fear of Going Back

This week on the daily blog I’ve been talking about Trust and Responsibility, particularly as it relates to the next phase of society adapting to “going back”

Both for yourself and those you lead, as the next weeks develop, be aware that everyone will experience FOGB to some degree. For many, we have grown used to the restricted environment of our own homes. If we have family or housemates with us, we are with them 24/7, so we know how they operate and where they have been (umm…at home), so we don’t need to trust them.

However, when we go “out” or even “go back” to work, we will be interacting with others and new environments every day multiple times. No matter how much we are being protected as we travel and in the workplace, it will be natural to experience feelings of FOGO and FOGB.

One way to manage our feelings around this will be to focus on the positive side of FOGB. Allow yourself to have a fear of going back, not going back to work, but of the world going back to the way it was.

Look at, from the months of living through the pandemic, what you would like to see changed. What might you want to keep from before? What do you want to keep from the experience recently? What do you feel most strongly needs to be changed.

Think positively about what changes can be affected now and once we are through this to the other side in time.

Focus on the positive changes that may come and this may help reduce your FOGO and FOGB and support you in making choices more from rational than emotional response.

Focus on Going Forward, not “going back”.

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