Make time for a “Brady Bunch” Zoom

Brady Bunch
Remember the Brady Bunch? Zoom’s “Gallery View” looks like this.

I’ve been remote working for many years, but this week feels different, the day after the UK was told to stay home. I was on Zoom calls for much of yesterday, including a standing (for about two years now) weekly “circle call” with a group who bonded in person at a workshop and now meet online across multiple countries each week.

As we all get used to remote working, let us make time to use Zoom (or other video platforms) to meet with people online just as you would in person. Yes, some will be “remote working” meeings, but also make time to simply spend time with people in social settings.

Socially (with colleagues as well as family and friends), we can do coffee meetings, water cooler chats, happy hours, even dinners online in a “Zoom Room”.

On a personal level, yesterday I had my first daily Zoom call with my three sons, who are now isolated 5,000 miles from me in the Cayman Islands for the foreseeable future. I was due to see all of them several times in the next few months. None of that will happen now and it feels hard.

A daily “Brady Bunch” call will really matter for us.

Who could be in your “Brady Bunch”?

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