Tell me, what good may come from this?

Good Things

A sage friend shared this question with me as one he uses for his mentees when they run into tough times or a crisis. A question like this can really flip the thinking and energy! So, as regards your own Crisis Leadership around Covid-19:

Tell me, what good may come from this?

Now, earlier this week I had a wonderful “walk and talk” with Ian Sanders. Ian has written multiple books and I’m excited to see what is next for him.

He also drew out of me the idea to create a book from the nearly 900 posts I’ve written daily (so far) on this site. Each post can represent one to three page short chapters in the book, making it easy to read and dip in and out of for leaders. My core theme is #OpenLeadership, then there will be areas under recurring themes, such as my main “cogitation” these days, on Bravery. I’m feeling inspired!

Now, where did come from? From the recognition as Ian and I spoke that in the next few months we may all be spending a lot of time working remotely ever more than usual. So, one good thing that may come from the Covid-19 situation for me may be writing a book!

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