Leading from Intention

This week I have been actively and instinctively offering my support in an area I feel I can help, see the post: “Who do you call before making a tough decision?“. Beyond that, I’ve also been posting on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as more specifically emailing people in my home of the Cayman Islands.

A couple of days after starting to proactively offer my time and energy to this, I had a coffee with a friend and sage mentor. He felt that the email I sent out to leaders in Cayman was a bit pushy, but he then read to the end of the long email and, when he read the final paragraph, said “now THIS is you, it is all about your intention to be of service!”. So, I re-sent the email, this time putting that paragraph at the top so as to clearly communicate that my energy towards this was “leading from intention”, the intention being to serve the community through offering my skills.

Perhaps to some this may have landed as “pushy”, yet I have continued to offer this support and quite a number of people have taken me up on the opportunity to talk to me as a Sounding Board.

To close, just over a week ago I wrote: “Bravery: We had to do it“, anchoring on the power of Purpose, of Intent, when a leader make a decision.

Linking the two themes together, in that post I anchored on a favourite movie, simply noting that when you are leading from intent (ie a clear sense of purpose aimed at being of service), you can “Say Anything“.

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