Create a small group of expert people

small group of expert people

Create a small group of expert people with a diverse range of skills and experiences and high levels of peer trust to challenge the status quo and each others ideas.

Thanks once again today to my brilliant friend Ian Armiger, who is, like me, obsessed with elite leadership. In Ian’s case, his focus is on elite sports. One of Ian’s contacts is Dave Reddin, an elite Performance Director and who recently wrote a piece called: “Building “What It Takes To Win” for International Football” from his recent experience writing the “What it takes to Win” strategy for English Football looking towards the Men’s Football World Cup in 2022. In a deep and full article, one of his ten “lessons and success factors” leapt out at me, as I quoted above.

So many CEOs and senior leaders I work with (as their Sounding Board) have very little or nothing in the way of such a peer group.

I love to be part of forming and facilitating such groups whether formally or informally, connecting the dots with and for the right people is an activity I love. Could you benefit from such a group? What could you bring to others as a peer? If this intrigues you, book a call and let’s talk.

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