Have you ever run out of Inspiration?

My favourite “virtuous circle” from Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void

I’ve run out of inspiration. As I write this, I’ve posted a daily article on this site for over 850 days straight. I’m also lacking inspiration on what to write today. I’ve got lots of things listed in my “Writing Ideas” Evernote, but am feeling stuck when it comes to actually writing.

I find myself frustrated and observing myself in this “stuck” place. Perhaps, I ask myself, I’ve run out of inspiration? Perhaps there are no new ideas for me to consider, to muse on. Perhaps I am simply too comfortable and need some new impetus, some new drive?

I then pause and tell myself that, as the legend says: “This too shall pass“. We all have moments where things aren’t “in Flow“, sharing mine today with you. I wonder what I shall write tomorrow?

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