Capture it on one page

Capture it on one page
Good to Great Visual Synopsis by Dani Saveker

Over many years of facilitating leadership team meetings for clients, I’ve evolved a “less is more” process where the end result is captured on one page, even sometimes as succinct as one word.

In: “Take the time to write less” I referenced this type of work, then closed with: “What would be possible for you if you took the time to go deeply enough into learning and research on a topic that you could then write less about it?

This then leads me back to the one-page Visual Synopsis work by Dani Saveker.

I first referenced Dani’s work over two years ago in: “Ikigai, Pleasure and Meaning“. To me, all leadership books are iterations and evolutions of core truths, though some books stand the test of time more than others. One such book is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins from 2001. What Dani does so well as in the synopsis above, is to get the core ideas down to one page.

I often give book summaries on this site, but for those who are more visual, I encourage you to follow Dani’s work. Oh, and if you simply want core ideas rather than reading whole books, subscribe to Blinkist, where they compress core ideas from books into a read of fewer than fifteen minutes.

Right, that is my Sunday morning post, now on a wet and blustery day, I’ll mostly be reading books 😉

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