What are babies afraid of?

What are babies afraid of?

Yesterday in “How are you Brave-ing?“, I asked you to consider three times you have been “brave-ing” in the last week.

I am musing on Bravery often at the moment, including “What is Bravery?” and “Inspire Bravery“.

Today two questions for you. First, what are you afraid of? Second, what are babies afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

For each of us, I am sure we can all list lots of fears and concerns. If anyone reading this starts a list and stops at less than a minimum of 10 fears, I’d put it to you that you are lying to yourself.

What are babies afraid of?

So, if adults have a long list of fears, what are babies afraid of? Would it surprise you to learn that babies are only born with two fears? Two. Only Two.

Loud noises and Falling.

Every single other fear we have been learned. We teach our children, our friends, our colleagues many things. One thing we teach them is new fears.


F.E.A.R. as an acronym. False Expectations Appearing Real.

Today we have brought awareness to the fact that all of our fears are learned behaviours. So, in addition to yesterday’s challenge to consider three areas where you have been “brave-ing”, how about today you try something simple. Consider your list of fears, then choose to release one that isn’t real.

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