Stop arguing with Zombies

arguing with Zombies
Ready with beer for Paul Krugman at Tortoise

Yesterday I wrote: “We’ve always done it this way“, what I call “the six most dangerous words in business”, where I talked about how stuck we can be in the familiar, despite the evidence. Yesterday evening I went to a wonderful Tortoise “Think-In” to listen and learn from a “proper economist” (the man has a Nobel Prize), Paul Krugman. Surprisingly, I learned about Zombies.

Paul was in the UK to promote his new book: “Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future“. He expounded that:

A Zombie idea is one that has been killed by evidence, but instead keep shambling along eating people’s brains

Paul Krugman

Am writing this as soon as I got home, musing on what business ideas are in fact “Zombie ideas” but are eating away at people’s brains, and can those businesses and the people in them be saved from going “full zombie”.

In “What is a Paradigm” I first use a story to answer that question, then finish with: many ways we all unconsciously hold beliefs that limit us from fresh thinking and new visions for ourselves and our businesses.

I love to shift paradigms, but before you can do that we first must all accept that we are, to some extent, believing in “Zombie ideas”. Hmm…late evening musings, would love your thoughts! Call me and let’s talk about it.

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