I’m “in”

I'm In

This week a group of four people (I was one) came together to look at bringing a new business concept to the UK. The person behind this had spoken to each of the three of us a few times in recent months and had now flown to London to discuss. We had two and a half hours to meet and had all spoken about various details with the person leading this prior to when we met.

What did we talk about then? We talked about the “WHY”, both for ourselves and what the clients of the business would be drawn to.

When you get clear on the WHY, the HOW is easy

This is almost a catchphrase for me, I’ve used it so often. For me, once we all became clear on and centred around the WHY for each of us, as a group collectively, then for the future clients, I simply said:

“I’m in”

Do I know what the details are around this yet? No.

Do I know that, energetically, I’ve decided I want to do this? Absolutely.

So, when you want to draw people towards something, to get them to “sign up”, do make sure to connect them to the WHY and make sure they can say “I’m in” at that level before you drill down to the details.

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