Managing Energy – today’s lesson

Energizer Bunny Managing energy

Yesterday’s post on: “The Power of Subtlety” made points that I come back to over and over on this site, fundamentally that a core aspect of leadership is how you show up, the energy you bring to any conversation.

Managing your energy is therefore key. Part of this is first knowing what gives you energy (and what takes it away) and managing your diary accordingly. However, there can be too much of a good thing, and that is today’s lesson – for me, and perhaps of value to you.

Last Sunday morning I got back from an amazing week in Cayman, full of both many (over 20) one to one meetings (these give me energy – check!), then a full day leadership facilitation (again, gives me energy – check, check!). That said, I knew I’d need rest when I got back, so it was only a little surprising that I then slept for nearly 11 hours the first night back!

So, back to yesterday, Monday. Methinks I overbooked myself. From when I started looking at work to after I’d finished my fifth meeting/call of the day, then finished other written work planned, twelve hours had passed on my first full day back after long haul travel.

So, a reminder to self. First, be aware of what gives and takes away energy. After that, even it is mostly or even all the things you love to do, don’t overdo it.

I’m told sometimes I have as much energy as the Energizer Bunny, but even he can run out of charge sometimes!

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