Everything becomes clear

Everything becomes clear at sunrise

This morning the latest periodic #OpenLeadership newsletter was sent out to subscribers, entitled: “Could you go slower?“. It is a “long read” that I wrote over the holiday period, I hope you enjoy it.

For today’s daily post, though, I did things a little differently for the holidays and waited until after New Year to take a short holiday, visiting Nice for the first time. The winter light here is magnificent, not even so much the sunset captured above, but more the soft sunlight that, in the later afternoon, almost makes the whole city glow gently a soft pastel pink.

It was then no surprise to visit the Matisse museum and see a quote from the artists referring to the effect of the light on him and his art. I am so glad to have taken time to “slow down” before getting back to work for 2020, and to at least some degree, experience the effect of the January light in Nice that Matisse did:

Everything becomes clear, crystalline, precise, limpid.

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