Do you take time to learn leadership skills from athletes?

My question today is not CAN you as a leader take time to learn from athletes, but DO you?

As an ex-athlete as well as friend, father and colleague to a number of elite athletes and leaders involved in supporting elite athletes, the crossover in learning from Athletes to Leaders has always been an obsession of mine.

I read, listen and enquire voraciously both for anecdotal learnings and wisdom as well as deep and evidence-based studies. I then often share these (succinctly) with those clients who use me as their sounding board and library. I then also share much of what I learn in my daily musings here on this site.

However, in my experience supporting Leaders, I rarely find that they do more than booking the occasional keynote “inspirational speaker” talk when looking to learn from Athletes.

For you, then, my encouragement is to go deeper into learning from Athletes for yourself, both for your self-leadership and in leading others.

As a starting point, open the image and read it carefully, then select the top three of the fifteen traits listed, then ask yourself: “what can I do to learn more about this?”

Once you have your three, why not book a call with me and we can talk through them and share learnings?

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