Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom - Aristotle Quote

The last few weekends have been, as one says in Britain “full-on” for me, including Kilkenomics , before that Basecamp.London, and just the last two days at Meaning Conference then a workshop led by Nilofer Merchant.

Next weekend I am officiating both days at the amazing International Swimming League event at the London Aquatic Centre, then the following weekend is in the country visiting friends, then the following two weekends will see me back home in Cayman visiting family and friends and working with clients. Those trips back are definitely always “full-on”!

So, this weekend I have virtually no plans, so am writing this a little later than usual on a Saturday morning, sitting in my red checked pyjama trousers, then here I shall remain, quietly, for much of the day.

You see, I’ve known this quiet weekend was in the calendar for some time and consciously have not filled it with meeting friends, with activities. I’m actually quite introverted, so after lots of massively stimulating events and meetings with people in recent weeks, like most introverts, every so often I need to time to recharge by being quietly on my own.

With that, time to make a cup of coffee and pick up a book.

Enjoy your weekend.

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