Kilkenomics: Learning how to know

Colm O’Regan moderating a Kilkenomics panel

Last weekend at Kilkenomics it was, once again, a pleasure to watch Colm O’Regan moderate multiple panels and interview. I’ve written about “yer man” Colm before and the way he fills his role is exemplary and effortless, yet also clearly shows how much time he puts into preparation, to knowing his panellists and their particular expertise and focus before he steps on stage.

In the panel shown above, as he asked Liam Halligan his first question, Liam was a little taken aback and first said: “you know your stuff, don’t you!”.

Colm also ran a conversation with Samantha Power, a high-powered past US diplomat so clearly someone familiar with masterful language, and yet, at one stage as Colm probed her as to how she had grown in her role, he reframed what she had said into something concise.

For today, then, I’ll simply share that phrase and also commend Mr O’Regan for always being curious and always being open to, at higher and higher levels:

Learning how to know

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