Who gets on the bus? Enrolling your followers

My singular focus with clients is to support brave and transformative change. In #OpenLeadership, such change is neither top-down or bottom-up, it is integrated, iterative and involves everyone at their level of context.

In Cascading Leadership as a core model to deliver such powerful change, the focus is on the three areas of Align, Engage, Enrol and how to combine, order and iterate these.

Of these, today a short post from the master to talk about what it means to Enrol, ultimately it is all about people choosing to Align with a vision or idea, be Engaged to make a choice and act, then to “get on the bus”.

Over to you, Seth:

Where does this bus go?”

One approach, which is tempting in the short run, is to wait until people are on the bus and then ask each person where they want to go. Seek to build consensus. Try not to leave anyone out.

The other approach, which works far better if you have a fleet of available buses, is to announce in advance where the bus is going. That way, anyone who wants to go where you’re headed can get onboard.

Enrollment is critical. Enrollment allows leaders to lead. Not by endlessly querying those that they seek to serve, but by announcing their destination and then heading there, with all deliberate speed.

from Seth’s Blog

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