Sharing some simple models for leadership

Over the last two years and more I have now posted over 750 daily posts, as well as collaborated on numerous projects and begun developing a book on leadership.

Out of the well over 350,000 words written and many thoughts developed from listening and working with others, the image above is of three distilled models for leadership that have come from this.

Today I’ve launched a new page on this site, Open Leadership, which will host models for leadership and ideas that emerge, including the three models illustrated pictorially here.

This new page will host the models and ideas that are developed, articulated and then shared, one at a time, each month in the monthly newsletter started in September for this purpose of sharing. To subscribe to this newsletter, sign up on the My Writing page.

All of the best ideas come from listening, collaborating, synthesising, distilling. I am here to listen, so a) I hope one or more of these models for leadership and ideas inspire you to action, and b) I’d love to hear what sparks in your mind and talk to you about your own ideas.

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