Feeling stuck? Invest in growth

Stuck in the same old thinking

This week among my many Cayman meetings I met with a client who worked with me as their coach for years. They shared that they had a sense in Cayman at the moment of “stuck” from some people and businesses.

Before my trip, they had suggested to some businesses and people to talk to me while on Island to look at investing in me to support them to gain clarity on the path forward and how to get there, to get “unstuck”.

The thing is, nobody was ready to get “unstuck” at the moment, something the client seemed to feel a little frustrated with. I noted to them that to get unstuck, one must be at a point of readiness to invest in growth, whether that be in our business, ourselves, or our careers.

Oh, and as a piece of advice, I noted that if someone is not ready, there is no point pushing them, instead turn your energy to those who are ready!

My client then thought back a few years to when they decided to get a coach (and then they talked to me and chose to retain my services). As they reflected on that time, they noted that they had been thinking for years of getting a coach, but at that precise point, they were ready. I acknowledged them for that, they then acknowledged me for the value in our work together.

A great meet up and yet more energy to fill my tank from my Cayman trip!

Now, please take this analogy more generally. At any point you feel stuck, whether as a person or with your business, to shift and to get “unstuck” and move forward to new levels of success, the answer is always the same.

Invest in growth.

If you think you are ready to invest, book a thirty-minute call with me and I’ll listen and help you get unstuck.

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