Coming to Cayman!

Grand Cayman
Iconic image of Grand Cayman (c) Courtney Platt

This week I’m doing some “KYC” administration for my business in the Cayman Islands. Contrary to some simplistic media coverage around the world, such compliance is vigorously legislated, regulated and enforced, so there sometimes is quite a lot of it to do.

Given that I am a Caymanian based in London, with clients in countries all over the globe, sometimes it feels like the regulated areas of business in Cayman and the UK have not really caught up with how small our digitally connected world truly is, but innovation and technology do often lead ahead, so I will take the occasional hassle of making KYC work for a globally facing business as being balanced by the many huge benefits of being able to work remotely with clients all over the world!

Anyway, along those lines, I am in Cayman next week, week of September 23rd, seeing family, clients, and friend. I also note that, over time, my email list now has on it quite a number of people in Cayman who I’ve never met, hence won’t know from my personal emails that I’m “in town” next week.

The diary is pretty full, but if you’d like to meet for coffee, let’s see if we can fit that in! If we can’t, do book a video call for when I get back to London, then we can, if there is a fit, always talk remotely and then meet up on my next regular visit home to George Town!

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