One in a million squirrel

one in a million squirrel at sunset

Recently it felt like summer was over in London, with grey, wet and colder weather. However, as Friday rolled around at the end of a long week, the weather warmed up and the sun came out.

I look to practice what I preach around managing energy across the week, so for me, one element of this is that I tend not to book meetings or calls on Friday afternoons, taking that time to “tidy up” and then prepare for the following week.

However, yesterday I felt a) I’d had a really active and productive two weeks to that point, b) the weather was something to seize the day for, so I finished work mid-afternoon and went for a long walk.

After that long walk, a seat outside a favourite pub with an amazing view. As the sunset approached, two squirrels were chasing each other around a tree. One went out of sight, the other allowed themselves to be captured in this photo.

One comment on it was “that is a one in a million photo!”, hence the blog title, “one in a million squirrel”

So glad I took that time to manage my energy at the end of the week.

How was your Friday afternoon?

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