That’s a great question!

great question

One of the biggest compliments you can receive if you are listening to someone is when you ask them something and they reply: “that’s a great question!”, well, at least unless it is someone looking to then duck the question! Anyway, if they take the question on board and then consider it, often that is where some magic happens.

This week I listened to a podcast by Tim Ferris with Jerry Colonna, a coach and thinker I’ve followed for a number of years.

Tim has known Jerry for years and has had Jerry ask him one particular question before. He then asked it back to him and, before answering, he broke down the elements of the question to show why it is great.

“How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want”

It is a great question. As a coach, I can see at least three key reasons that make it so great.

I could now save you listening to the podcast and explain it all (both Jerry’s perspectives as well as adding mine).

However, yesterdays post shared a PhD exercise with you around how valuable it would be to give a student a PhD thesis with the abstract and introduction removed and asking them to write those after reading the paper.

So, today I will simply share the question with you and now I ask you to consider for yourself a) do you think it is a great question? and b) if so, what makes it great for you?

If you do that short exercise, I’d then love you to book a call with me and give me your answers, then I’ll happily share mind and bounce around any thoughts and ideas that spin out of that for both of us.

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