Finding a moment of Zen

zen artwork stag deer

This picture is of “Monarch of the Glen”, by Landseer. I wondered what it is that makes a picture of a deer so powerful and famous, until, that is, I saw the picture hanging at the National Gallery of Scotland. I was transfixed, rooted to the spot.

In our busy lives, we all sometimes need to find a “moment of zen”.

So, yesterday, I had such an indelible moment, with a majestic stag, so sharing with you all today.

I titled today’s post remembering the “Moment of Zen” segment at the end of each “Daily Show” when it was hosted by Jon Stewart for so many years. He always ended the show with “and now, your moment of zen”, then a short video before the credits rolled.

Yesterday I was walking in the late afternoon across Richmond Park in London, after a busy working day, sensing it would give me a “moment of zen”. Little did I know.

Shortly after entering the path, I suddenly came across a huge stag walking towards me on a narrow footpath. I took out my phone and looked at him to take a photo, but then he stopped and looked at me for what seemed a long time. I then dropped the phone a little, averted my eyes totally, shifted my body language to be turned away from him and submissive. With that, he started to walk down towards and past me. Somehow I was able to turn the camera lens and keep his head in the centre of the frame whilst only seeing him out of my peripheral vision.

Enjoy the moment of zen.

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