To gain clarity, get clear on what you DON’T do

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“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”

~Henry David Thoreau

As a sounding board to leaders and leadership teams, frequently I support them with clarity leading to alignment, from where they can engage and enrol everyone in and around their business (I call this Cascading Leadership).

Clarity comes from focus. Put another way, of equal importance to knowing what you do is knowing what you don’t do.

As an exercise, can you / your business get really clear on what is the ONE thing you want to be famous for? (I call this Positioning). Alternatively, what is the one word that is the “why”, the driver for you? (I call this Context).

Perhaps it doesn’t feel that easy to get it down to one word? Imagine if you could and that all involved in that process are aligned with that. Imagine the clarity and aligned energy that can drive.

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PS Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden and is one of my favourite modern philosophers. I encourage everyone to study philosophy. For more on that idea, read a great piece by Ryan Holiday of the Daily Stoic. Write and learn widely, it gets us out of our “bubble” and also sparks creativity and innovation. If you don’t have or make time for that, make sure those around you do and you can access that for yourself through them.

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