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My clients say I “see what others don’t see”, synthesizing thoughts, ideas and insights to provide high value with cut through.

To experience this for yourself, book your diagnostic call now. Bring your story and an opportunity or challenge you are currently focussed on in your leadership. I’ll listen and reflect with a keen focus on what it will take to get you to the next level.

Sounding Board for Leaders

  • Supporting #BeMoreYou leaders 1:1 to achieve their potential and lead brave and transformative change.
  • Though every client engagement is different, common elements typically include an introductory half-day meeting, followed by commitment to calls or meetings at least twice each month.
  • Fees: Retainer based

Ideas to Action

  • Facilitation of Board and Leadership Team offsites to create “cut through” alignment that drives lasting results.
  • Each engagement involves extensive planning and follow up to maximise value before, during and beyond the event.
  • Fees: Event based

Business Strategy Coaching

  • An alternative to consulting around strategy, business strategy coaching brings both a coaching focus and business experience in scaling companies to consulting and mentoring.
  • Blended approach drives huge and lasting ROI when compared to consulting. For more, see: “Business Strategy Coaching – a simple secret
  • Fees: Project based

How we can work together

I work with people ready to lead brave and transformative change.

I will be your sounding board, your “outsourced” right hand.

We will work together through a blend of face to face meetings and video calls. Our initial meeting will typically be in person to establish a strong platform. Following this we will meet in person regularly, anywhere from once or twice a year (for distantly remote global clients) to as much as weekly for local clients.

Your investment is based on the value you experience rather than the time we spend together. In fact, clients find that after a year or more of working together and developing deep understanding, our “face time” may decrease, but the value we create will definitely increase.


All my work is driven from my purpose of #MakingPotentialPossible for leaders and their organisations and broader society.

In addition to my core services, I also take on work in areas including:

  • Non-Executive Directorships (both paid and voluntary)
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops and Training

Oh, and I am also a FINA Swimming official. A favourite post I wrote on how this links to leadership may be found here.

To explore one or more of these services with me, book your diagnostic call now. I look forward to meeting you!

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