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Today I learned a lesson about telling people what I want.

I hope that by sharing this and a few connected thoughts I encourage you to tell people what YOU want.

Yesterday my post was: “Business Strategy Coaching – a simple secret

In that post I shared what I felt was a “hidden secret” opportunity for business leaders to get tremendous ROI from hiring someone to coach them around developing their business strategy.

At the same time, I finished the (long) post with these words: “I hope today’s post has been of value to you. If you’d like to discuss further, I LOVE Business Strategy Coaching and would be happy to connect.

I then received feedback on the post from a friend and business mentor, who said:

Like the fact that your blog post is a promotional vehicle. Truly. All of us need to be more obvious about our intentions as subtlety only works if you have full attention of someone and that doesn’t happen much these days.

A subtle but powerful smack in the head for me!

So, at the moment, for the first time in quite a while, I have created space and time and am actively interested in taking on a few more clients.

Aside from the commercial part of this, I created this space and time so as to live my purpose by helping a few more leaders and their businesses in #MakingPotentialPossible. I know I’m good at this and love doing it, so want to do more of it!

However, I hadn’t been actively telling people what they can gain from working with me and then asking to talk to them. I hadn’t been telling people what I want. Doh!

As my mentor told me, we must be more obvious, as: “subtlety only works if you have the full attention of someone and that doesn’t happen much these days.

So, yes, please look at the Home and #BeMoreYou pages and if what I offer sparks your interest, I’d love to talk to you soon, either in person or on a video call.

More than promoting myself, though, am posting today to hope to land a message for all of you.

In whatever area of work and life it matters to you, are you doing enough to tell people what you want? 

Something to consider. Now, to close, a few joined-up thoughts on this.

First, in the words of Amanda Palmer and her TED talk on “The art of asking“, do you “give and receive fearlessly“?

I love Amanda Palmer and have written about her several times, including this post: “Coaching Skills – Asking is about Connecting“. She is a master connector and she gives abundantly.

Next, as I noted earlier this year in the post: “Be ruthless with your time“, “I practice “radical abundance” with my time”.

So, though I “give fearlessly” and with “radical abundance”, I am aware I do not always “receive fearlessly”.

As a coach, I’ve also often come across clients who do not ask for what they want. Funny that today I am now asking for what I want.

I want a few more clients who fit the #BeMoreYou mould, a few more people to help me live my purpose, inspire me as I (hopefully) inspire them.

So, once again, what do you want?

If you don’t know for sure, then I hope you think about it.

If you do know, are you asking for it, are you telling people what you want?

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