10 days and such a difference

the difference: eight of rum and ting

As I arrived in Grenada I was met by friends who introduced me to the wonders of Clarke’s Court 138 proof white rum mixed with Ting at the outdoor bar outside the airport.

10 days later, as I got ready to board the flight back to London on my own to meet my boys for a graduation then a road trip, the same friends stopped off with me at the same bar for the same drink.

I really fell in love with Grenada on this first visit and, as I wrote about a few days ago, I am intrigued by ways I may be able to connect and contribute to this island in future.

For now, though, simply remarking on what a difference in feel it can have to be in the same place, same drink, same company and only ten days apart.

On arrival, I was excited and felt I was relaxed. On departure, the level of relaxation was so, so much deeper. Felt deeply tranquil, relaxed beyond any measure, also batteries so recharged and ready for the next adventure. At the same time, already looking to come back and soon!

Travel can truly shift our energy.

PS due to literally millions of miles of travel, I have a certain airline status. At Grenada this meant a golf cart taking me and similar passengers to their private aircraft terminal for clearing security and passport control. Unusual and different!

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