It takes more than awareness to lead to action

Awareness and Action, Cascading Leadership

Another short blog from Seth this week:

Awareness or action?

Some projects suffer from a lack of awareness. If only more people knew about what you were offering, you’d be fine. But most projects don’t have that problem, not really. The problem is that the people who are already aware of it don’t take action.

They don’t sign up. They don’t engage. They don’t spread the word.

More focus on action and less on awareness usually pays dividends. It’s more difficult of course, because you need to focus on what you make, how you make it and the change you seek to create.

I agree. The virtuous circle model I developed above is from the Cascading Leadership page on this site, one section of which notes:

Let me here challenge the orthodoxy of looking to Engage people around change as a first step and instead say that, in this method, the answer is to iterate this repeatedly so that there is no “what to do first”, but a virtuous circle of engage, align, engage, align repetitively, each iteration deepening both elements and building more and more trust in the overall organisation for those within it as they truly feel part of the vision.

It takes more than awareness to lead to action. it takes that continuous and iterative process of alignment and engagement to lead to enrolment and so to action.

This is at the heart of #OpenLeadership, the antithesis of command and control. So, if you are finding that issuing instructions, directives, statements of intent or vision are not working as well as you’d like, perhaps call me and we can talk through how you can use Cascading Leadership to have more impact.

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