When did you last plan to be bored?

benefits of boredom: plan to be bored

For the seven weekends starting at the beginning of June I have full plans for every single weekend except one.

This weekend I have no plans. Well, a regular Sunday morning bike ride, but other than that, nothing.



I’ve planned to be bored.


Boredom is not something to be avoided, even though we do it all too often via distractions. Years ago that was mostly switching on the TV, these days it is our smartphone screens, social media etc.

If we allow ourselves to be bored, we give our minds the freedom to wander. Studies show that this engenders creativity and diversity of thought.

For me, I don’t typically have many totally free days or weekends. One time I did last October I was in New York and found a full day with no plans, so I stared out of the window and then was spurred to write. I got really into flow after a while and wrote a bunch of articles, including this one: “Being comfortable with solitude“.

So, this weekend I will be in solitude and consciously plan to be bored.

That boredom will rest my mind and also will charge up the creative juices. That is all great under any circumstances, but as I am then travelling for a week to facilitate client annual meetings, to have consciously planned to be bored this weekend is also good for me and my clients.

In closing, a great short video on the topic from “The Good Stuff” on “the unbelievable benefits of being bored”

Oh, and as they request at the end of their video, I have now signed up to support them on Patreon. For more on Patreon, read this earlier post about Amanda Palmer, a favourite post of mine that itself links to other thoughts on Patreon and “AFP”.

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