It is solved by walking


Recently I was reminded of the Latin phrase “Solvitur Ambulando”, literally: “it is solved by walking”.

A while ago I wrote an extensive post with lots of thoughts around and linked to this, called “Solving problems by taking a walk“. Today some simpler and more concise thoughts.

This coming weekend I am off to stay in a remote part of Scotland, quiet time with hill walking.

I don’t have any particular problems I feel need solving, yet by walking and being present to nature, the mind will still and, as always happens, new thoughts will emerge out of that quietness.

Now, imagine you have a really tough problem to solve in your business. So often the approach is to do more, think more, get more people involved, concentrate, meet, talk.

Perhaps sometimes the way forward is the opposite. To stop, to pause, to clear the mind. Perhaps to literally take a walk?

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