Who are you?

Identity: who are you

Who are you?

Simple question, but identity can have many elements.

Imagine you lead a business where lack of collaboration and trust is a constant struggle.

“Who are you?” is a great question to ask and answer to support trust and collaboration.

A live example I heard very recently.

Imagine some of these identity-related factors are at play for a business leader:

  • You have well over 50 nationalities in a staff of only a few hundred.
  • Your business operates in a country that did not exist in the current form until the last few decades and has a sense of transience and impermanence socially.
  • At the same time, the country and region have grown economically so fast that each person has multiple and fast-changing personal identity-related factors, such as nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, even tribe and religious faction.
  • Your business is owned by a multi-national that is from a massively different culture almost on the opposite side of the world.
  • The business itself is the product of a global takeover within the last five years or so and your main office comes from the “taken over” side of the business.

So, you are trying to foster trust and collaboration in an environment where “Who are you?” has many layers.

Challenging, perhaps?

Well, “Every challenge is an opportunity” is a phrase I love to “flip” energy, so what if you consider that the lack of foundational identity for so many of your people is something that you can at least support them in gaining?

How? In such an environment, one area that can have deep personal and business value is in developing, together, a clear identity of who you are as a business.

How do you do that?

A starting point is wanting to do it, then contact me as a first step for a call or meeting, I’d love to listen to you tell me who you are as a business.

(Oh, and a clue to “how” to establish your identity as a business is right there in that last sentence.)

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