Certain in Uncertainty

In the world of business we live in, so often we are rewarded for certainty, yet sometimes being uncertain and knowing and stating that this is where we are, that can also be of value to our process and our business. We can be:

Certain in Uncertainty.

Today a coaching conversation that led me to this thought to share with you today.

This week I was asked to support someone around an issue. They asked if they could talk it through with me, then get my take on what they should say and how they should say it.

As they talked, I listened. As I listened, it occurred to me that this was the sort of issue this senior leader would have faced many, many times.

When they finished downloading, they asked what I thought. My reply was along those lines, that: “this is not your first rodeo, so what occurs to me is to ask you is what is it that makes you not sure what to say?”

They paused, as this question took them into a new direction.

They quite quickly realised that in an area where they are so used to having certainty as to what to do, this time they were uncertain.

Once they knew they were uncertain on the path ahead, they knew that this was what they would express, that there was not yet certainty.

Once they had clarity, that they were “certain in uncertainty”, they were then suddenly confident as to what they would now do to get from that space to one of complete certainty on the path ahead.

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