To lead, do these three things


Image by Hugh McLeod, Gaping Void

Yesterday I wrote: “Golf Trips and Collaborative Leadership” and went into detail about both the value of Collaborative Leadership and what it takes, at Source, to be a collaborative and open leader (and why golf trips are not a positive indicator).

Today a much simple blog, highlighting three things to consistently do as a leader.

Three things: Believe, Trust, Acknowledge

There are well over 500 articles on this site. As an exercise, search on the My Writing page on each of these three terms. You’ll find lots of articles returned by the search, so just pick out one or two of each to read and see what resonates for you. Below I shall share one of each for you.

My advice, to keep it simple, is that to lead, simply model a “virtuous circle” of these three things. First, choose to believe in others and their value. Second, trust them (Empower, don’t control. Ask, not tell etc). Third, feed energy into the virtuous circle, the feedback loop, by acknowledging them for their value, for their actions that they took when they were believed in and trusted.

As Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Believe, Trust, Acknowledge. Repeat.

To lead, do this.

Now for three sample articles searched from the site:

Believe: Leadership Superpower – Belief

This one features the Hugh McLeod image at the top of this post

Trust: The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them

This post features one of my favourite leaders on Twitter, James Timpson, and a powerful tweet from him around this thought.

AcknowledgePower of Acknowledgement

This one from when someone acknowledged me, again about feedback loops, this reinforced in me the value of acknowledging others. Thanks to the amazing Maeve Gillies of Maevona.