Change takes bravery and belief

entrepeneur build plane cliff

A few days ago I shared learnings from Mike Driver in : “Where Entrepreneurialism comes from“. Basically Mike said that it can’t be taught:

““..entrepreneurialism can’t be taught and the library full of books attempting to teach it are a waste of time. Short of travelling back in time and putting your childhood self through some sort of trauma you cannot ‘become’ an entrepreneur.”

This week I find myself working with a client leadership team looking to lead transformative behaviour change in their government department.

What they need, at some level, is entrepreneurial thinking, but if Mike is right (and I do agree with him), what can be done to support them around change?

Self-Efficacy : one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task

So, we have a government department leading transformative change.

Yes, I work with them with the Cascading Leadership model , around Vision, then Engage, Align, Enrol.

However, it takes more than that to succeed, it takes more. As in the definition of Self-Efficacy, it takes belief.

In addition to belief, it takes bravery.

Can this be taught? perhaps not, but we can enhance our belief and bravery through building capabilities, getting experience, trusting ourselves and others, etc.

I’ve seen again and again leaders looking to measure, measure, measure change as a process. Yes, this is necessary, but without bravery and belief in self and others, nothing will truly change.

Jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down.


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