Simple and joyful – Fisherman’s Blues

waterboys live

The Waterboys – doing what they do!

I’ve written many posts on this site around the theme of Movies with Meaning, I’ve written about nature, architecture and more, as there are so many areas of life that inspire and that I truly feel are critical to our wellbeing, knowledge, inspiration and more.

Yes, this is a site and writings focussed around the theme of #OpenLeadership, so why all of this? Simple. To distil the teaching of Socrates to two words, “Know Yourself”. What drives us,  what motivates us, what teaches us. All of these are critical to the self-leadership we need if we are to be leaders to others at any level.

So, I recognise I don’t write that much about music, yet music is so intrinsic to me and to my life in many and eclectic ways.

Today, then a simple reflection on music and joy to share, and for you to reflect on what brings you joy. If it is music, what songs can you play that instantly bring joy to you?

As for me, I’ve been a fan of Mike Scott and his Waterboys for thirty years, yet it was only when I moved to London last year that I saw them for the first time. I’ve since seen them several times in London and Edinburgh and they keep evolving, changing and getting better and better.

One song in particular simply brings uplifting and huge joy to all from the very first chords, and that is Fisherman’s Blues. Every time I listen to this song, it lifts me up!

To add to this, one element of Mike Scott’s continued love and curiosity for what he does is that he evolves and changes his music and the band. Having seen them three times in less than a year, I’ve watched the ball of energy that is Jess Kavanaugh burst forth into a bigger and bigger role over that year. Such energy has to be released, and Mike has clearly seen this, giving her more and more space in the act.

I give you this video of them live at the London Palladium last October, a special gig for the band, and my first time seeing them. Watch the first few seconds in particular and key in on Jess and her energy. She and her fellow backing singer have gently choreographed swaying dance moves, but watch her.. she just wants to bounce !


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