Do you have the hunger?

are you hungry

I’ve spent decades as an entrepreneur and working with and supporting entrepreneurs.

For those who have started and who run their own business, I ask them to tell their story about why they started their business.

The answer can almost always be distilled down to….

“I couldn’t NOT do it”

Many choices in life mean you’ll have a hard road to follow, and starting and building your own business is one of them.

From decades of experience, let me tell you one thing today. Don’t launch a business solely to make money. Don’t launch a business solely to create a different lifestyle for yourself. Don’t launch a business because you hate your job.

Money, lifestyle, stress. None of them are enough.

You have to have the hunger to make a difference, to really have an impact.

You have to have the hunger.

Oh, and if you do, if you have taken your business to a level where the hunger still sits with you as strongly as it ever has, and you know you want to make an even bigger impact, then do talk to me. You sound like my kind of client.

I leave you with the current single from my absolute favourite live band ever, Florence and the Machine. Had the privilege of watching her with my oldest sone recently at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Transcendent. She has the hunger to share her gifts with the world. Thank you, Florence!

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