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**A friend recently reminded me of the power of walking the walk in supporting entrepreneurs. After all, I’m one myself and always have been in different ways. I do support entrepreneurs through my work, through mentoring, through speaking and many other ways. One additional way is to publicise entrepreneurs who offer products and services I love !**

Several years ago I came across a wonderful concept watch from Mr Jones Watches, an homage to the remarkable Graeme Obree, who smashed the one hour record for cycling in a stunning way captured in the film The Flying Scotsman.

That watch, pictured below, was a limited edition, and every hour revealed a fresh word, a context for that hour, a way to remind us to be present to life, to value each hour.


I loved this watch and have since bought several from this passionate London company.

Today I know what my next Mr Jones watch will be and it comes from my focus on the Stoics, and with particular reference to this post “Memento Mori“, itself featuring my favourite Steve Jobs moment, his Stanford commencement speech.

What a wonderful watch and reminder to live life.

Memento Mori – Remember you will die.

mr jones remember you will die

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