Wisdom – “What makes a Masterpiece?”

Yesterday I wrote “If I’d had more time….” in which I talked about the value in distilling to simplicity.

Today a follow-up, inspired by Dr Robert Morton. I had the privilege of being a co-contributor with Robert on a world-class global leadership programme.

Robert has an absolutely massive amount of knowledge from decades of top-level experience working with top leaders around the world. Recently we had a “catch up” call. As always, we had so much to share and it was super energising to connect. As we closed our call, Robert shared a simple and short story.

A definition I use for wisdom is :

“Something that, as soon as you hear it, feels like you always knew it”

Robert’s story is that a while ago he decided to ask the same question of many people. They all said “good question”. but the answers didn’t seem right. Until that is, one day he went into an art gallery in Vancouver and asked the question again :

“What makes a Masterpiece ?”

The art gallery owner said :

“The artist must first be a master of their craft. The art must then contain a piece of the master”

By my definition above, that is #Wisdom… and also brilliantly distilled!


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