Belief – The greatest gift you can give someone


As a father of three wonderful boys, I absolutely echo these words from the late, great Coach Jimmy V. He took his NC State Wolfpack team to a remarkable NCAA title in 1983 and his players would have walked through fire for him.

He believed in them, they believed in him. An amazing leader.

Let’s take it to a broader level though :

The greatest gift you can give someone is to believe in them.

I was reminded strongly of this today in a meeting with a leader I’d not seen for some time and who is reaching higher heights. They wanted to thank me for believing in them at a pivotal moment years before.

The greatest gift you can give someone is to believe in them.

Whether as coach, parent, leader, friend, colleague. Believe in people.

Oh, if sometimes you struggle to belief in yourself, start by believing in others. Wait and see what that does for your own self-belief !

In closing, a video clip of Coach V’s team winning that title. Watch for the final celebration and Jim Valvano racing around looking for someone to HUG !

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