A Purpose Story – “I have a dream”


“I have a dream”

Four simple words.

Not “I have a plan”, “I have a strategy”, “I have a goal”, or even “I have a vision”.


“I have a dream”

This week saw the annual celebration of  Martin Luther King Day.

Each year I watch his speech. Do watch the whole speech, though here I post the speech from the point where “I have dream” takes his oratorship to a crescendo.


What can leaders of today learn from Dr King ?

In my years working with leaders, I see the greatest leadership success (by any form of definition) coming from those leaders who have clarity of Purpose for themselves and for their organisations. Yes, we need a plan, we need a strategy, we need a commercial vision, but the brave leaders who focus clearly and with utmost importance on their PURPOSE are those who lead with the greatest success.

How clear are you on your Purpose ?

What is your “I have a dream” ?

In my next post I’ll share examples of purpose-driven leadership.