A Trust Story : The Journey is the Destination

journey is the destination

A few days ago my son was visiting me in London and we took the River Bus to Greenwich and then the cable car across the Thames. This was hand written on a board as we walked in.

Particularly appropriate words given that I doubt anyone uses that cable car specifically to get to a destination (unique for “TFL” (Transport for London) stations), instead we are all there for the journey over the river Thames and the views.

In addition to this, I love that TFL allows their people artistic licence to create these beautiful moments for their passengers on boards like this across London underground stations.

I am also taken back to the first business book that was ever recommended to me, “Moments of Truth” by Jan Carlzon, a stellar book on customer service that I read as a 25 (gulp) year old young airline executive. I loved it so much I immediately bought a bunch more copies and gave them out to team members.

In every moment, every interaction, every moment, we all have the opportunity to make a difference for someone else. There are so many moments of truth where a human interaction can make all the difference for someone else.

Where many organisations fail in this area is that they don’t TRUST their people to act in a way that does this authentically to the individual while remaining aligned to the brand of the company.

I LOVE that TFL allows this to happen day by day at so many of their stations, it shows that their people care and that this massive organisation moving millions of people across London daily, complaints and issues though they may have, have at heart a culture of care in there too !

What happens in the moments of truth in your business ?

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