If it looks like a tulip..

On October 23rd, I wrote “What a fool believes about Bitcoin“. Quoting the Doobie Brothers : “But what a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away”

Price of Bitcoin on October 23rd ? ~$6,000

On November 23rd, I wrote : “Avoiding group think – Ipcha Mistabra“. In this I reference the Talmudic phrase in Aramaic : “Ipcha Mistabra”, translated as: “on the contrary, it appears that”.

Price of Bitcoin on November 23rd ? ~$8000

Today ?

Price of Bitcoin on December 10th ? ~$16000

I love observing events and behaviours, then asking questions or posing puzzles to myself to then seek answers to. I tend to start by looking at what thinkers and researchers I respect are saying. In this case, here is something Ian Bremmer (a very, very smart person!) posted on Friday December 8th.

bitcoin and tulips

“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour” ~ Mark Twain

When Ian Bremmer posted his charts side by side, it was without comment.

The time for comment on the bubble is past.

I’m simply posting this on Sunday December 10th to mark the date.


“Ah, but this is different !”

~ every taxi and uber driver in London I’ve spoken to who is “investing” in Bitcoin


To which I don’t, but could say, “Ipcha Mistabra – on the contrary, it appears that”

Oh, and I do close by reinforcing that I do strongly believe that Blockchain is going to be responsible for truly #SmashingParadigms as we enter the age of Distributed Trust. Bitcoin though ? If it looks like a tulip….