Books I Love – Give and Take by Adam Grant

Adam Grant: Give and Take

Recently I wrote a post called “What do you do ?“, where I voiced some frustration at the emptiness of the energy behind the question people always ask in London when they meet someone for the first time.

Contemplating this, I realised that “what I do” is look for ways to help others. I have interesting conversations with interesting people, explore, flow, and always look to find some way to be of value to them, whether it is by co-creating with them, or perhaps by connecting or introducing them to an idea, person, concept, story or simply a book.

Sometimes after I explain this, people look, then ask again: “yes, but what do you DO?”, meaning what do I do to earn money in the world and how do you go about it.

That one I find more difficult. Yes, I work 1:1 with leaders as a sounding board, and currently I’m super excited to be launching a peer group to scale that further than the 1:1. However, where do those people come from? That is where people can get confused. You see, I simply go out in the world looking to help people and everything seem to work out from there.

This seems to intrigue people, so then I remembered the book “Give and Take” by Adam Grant and have been recommending it often!

Please do begin by reading this wonderful interview with Adam by Susan Dominus of the New York Times, where she both captures his thoughts on the power of giving and also gets underneath Adam’s makeup as well. A fascinating person and I will absolutely create an opportunity to meet and see what we can mutually give to each other!

So, you have the article to go to and read, and also I’ve embedded here this 4″ interview clip with Professor Grant where you can get a sense of his energy and the concept behind Givers, Matchers and Takers. Which are you?