Movies with meaning 2

After “Movies with Meaning 1“, a guest contribution for this Wednesday from the twitter conversation that followed this with my friend Jacob Aldridge.

I’d love to make this a weekly post, so please do give me your movies with meaning. Format looks like :

  • Three movies with meaning
  • One sentence on the core meaning you take from it
  • Send me a link to a YouTube clip from the movie that speaks to that meaning

That’s it, let’s roll !

So, from Jacob :

Rollerball (1975) 

Jacob’s meaning : YOU can make a difference

{Tom : prescient story ofthe power of humanity over dehumanising institutions that succeed the nation state as the world moves to utopia.. or perhaps dystopia ?}


Strictly Ballroom (1992):

Jacob’s meaning : Dance like everybody’s watching, and that’s ok

{Tom : “to live with fear is a life half lived”}


Romeo + Juliet (1995):

Jacob’s meaning  : Each of us has but a two hour passage on this stage

{Tom : Baz Luhrmann is a unique genius, and opened the “Dicaprio and Danes” movie with a news broadcast to set the scene for “the two hours’ traffic of our stage”}


Moulin Rouge (2000):

Jacob’s Meaning : The greatest thing in life is to love, and be loved in return

{Tom : nothing to add.. and though I love the Elephant love medley, this is the one that speaks to Jacob’s meaning from this movie}



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