Matter, Antimatter, Doesn’t Matter

How often do people ask you “are you busy ?” and expect you to say “yes”, to which they can then tick the box that society says “good, they are busy, it is good to be busy”.

What if, instead, the answer was “no, have lots of time to spend considering what really matters”. Try it, people get really stuck and wonder what to say next. (Yes, I have a discordant sense of humour sometimes!)

On a more serious note, what if you took time to eliminate all the stuff that doesn’t matter from life? Of course, you’ve read Tim Ferris on the four hour work week and any number of other books and ideas to help you manage time….umm….or too busy to?

So.. some more humour and a story

doesn't matter

So, back when I was in my last year of high school, a bunch of us nerdy geeks spent time hanging out and, as you do, had endless conversations about life, the universe and everything, and sometimes about “Life, the universe, and everything

(As an aside, for the Douglas Adams geeks in you all, when I saw my middle son with this number on his back for a sea swim, I found it very funny. I now call him “the answer”, which, apparently, is a “Dad Joke”)

Iain 42 answer

Anyway, back to the story. We were all studying Physics, and at the same time we were amused and baffled at so much of the stuff they had us learn when some of it mattered, and some of it simply didn’t.

We felt super pleased with ourselves to come up with the idea that not only was the universe made up of both “matter” and “antimatter”, but also that there was a third type that we had discovered through our inventive reasoning. We called it “doesn’t matter”.

{Oh, and the cartoon. I love when I can google search an idea and find something that someone else has worked on. The world is full of ideas and the internet can connect us together to easily. Love it !}

So, a thought to ponder. Are you busy? If so, what about considering how much of your universe is filled with “doesn’t matter”?