The Distributed Trust revolution

In our UNTHINKABLE era,  #Open Leadership is the way forward for leading through such radical disruption, as we are not living in an era of incremental change, it is and will be revolutionary.

How revolutionary?

From thought leader Rachel Botsman, the most beautifully concise expression of the Distributed Trust revolution to come:

“So an idea that intrigued me, and I’d like you to consider, is whether we can better understand major waves of disruption and change in individuals in society through the lens of trust. Well, it turns out that trust has only evolved in three significant chapters throughout the course of human history: local, institutional and what we’re now entering, distributed.

This is really, really big. For more, 13″ here :

Wonderful talk, and it also greatly simplifies Blockchain, which is at the forefront of the Distributed Trust revolution.

Elevating further, I believe we are at the cusp of a shift in the collective consciousness that will shift society in many ways. As institutional trust crumbles, the future may see us without nations, banks, borders. What will replace them? Who knows? Wouldn’t it be joyous to see #DistributedTrust being the foundation for the future?

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