Even thought leaders can’t keep up

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In recent articles, I’ve focussed on DISTRIBUTED TRUST.

As a term, it is currently mostly applied at a technical level, and mostly to areas such as Blockchain and FinTech etc.

Distributed Trust is going to be so much bigger, see my recent post for some cogitations on what it could mean. Take a picture of your passport, it will be a historical piece well within our lifetimes.

The speed our world moves at means that we cannot possibly lead by staying up to date with content changes, even at the level of conceptual or even detailed level of understanding of areas like blockchain technology.

Such technologies create great leaps for us and catalyse further change. What the speed of change in our era means, though, is that they are coming closer and closer together and to lead, to stay ahead of what is current, to be thought leaders, means to stay in context.

Now, at this stage, I wish to recognise a thought leader around Distributed Trust and also to share something she shared that is a very direct reminder of how fast the world moves, even for thought leaders.

I literally started googling “Distributed Trust” a while ago and came across Rachel Botsman.

She saw future possibilities in various areas before they happened (pretty much the definition of “thought leader”), including Distributed Trust.

I will be catching up with her thinking and books for sure, but for now I found it enlightening to see a page on her site where she identified clearly how her thinking has evolved, which in itself shows openly how rapidly she has evolved and shifted her perspective as the world around us is disrupted at exponential speed !

She writes (well. in the third person, but you know what I mean) :

“She sees her work as building blocks that each supply the element that helps her construct the next layer of thinking. She studies collaboration, sharing and new kinds of participation, and a major theme that runs throughout Rachel’s work is how technology is transforming the social glue of society – trust between people.”

Rachel Botsman

That, in itself, is powerful (open, humble) leadership thinking.

I’m very positive about the future !

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