Forget knowledge, simply lead

Moore’s Law (simplified) states that computer processing power doubles every 18 months.

Gordon Moore was one of the founders of Intel and he posited this back in 1965. It is quite stunning that is has continued to hold for over 50 years. I was born in 1965 and had the great good fortune of having a father who spent his whole career in the computer industry, so I got to see and play with computers from a young age and experience first hand the “wow” of every change in computing power.

The smartphones we now use have WAY MORE computing power than computers did when the first smartphone came out around a decade ago.

Now, I now put it to you that as technology at such power has become so all-pervasive in our lives, Moore’s Law applies EVERYWHERE in our lives.

What do YOU know and understand enough to apply in your life ? as a leader? as an expert?

Whatever the sum total of that information amounts to, now consider this.

In NINE years time, there will be SIXTY-FOUR times more to know, to learn, to be able to apply, to make decisions based on.

In #OpenLeadership, I believe that leaders can no longer even hope to be all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipotent experts and decision-makers.

Instead, #OpenLeadership means leaders have only to do two things well :

  1. Be the Keeper of the Vision (catch up on my writing on that subject here )
  2. Create and, with the utmost care and strength, maintain an environment, a container, in which people collaborate, create and, with a fully flowing network effect, both ask and answer all the questions the organisation needs answered, all of which used to sit with the CEO.

For those familiar with concepts around masculine and feminine divine energies, you will smile to see how these are incorporated into the two areas here!

We have schools and universities that cram knowledge into our heads, then we work in strongly hierarchical organisations that reward knowledge even as our world is changing at UNTHINKABLE speed. It is not simply technology that is moving fast and creating disruption, EVERYTHING is changing.

Learn to lead, don’t simply seek a mountain of knowledge. We have Google for the latter!

Oh, and what does that mean for AI taking over the world? Perhaps we already live in the Matrix and don’t know it?

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