Investing in time to make an impact

Recently I wrote about a quote from a report on CEOs that said :

Leaders of industry [are] extremely bad at thinking”

Today I was speaking with a friend who I regard as one of the most brilliant thinkers I have ever met, and who has massive untapped potential to change the world. Big words, yes, and that person IS that amazing.

And yet… that person told me they don’t have enough time to read. If they don’t have time to read, how much time do they have to think? What new thoughts are they having and where are they coming from?

(as someone with a personal intent of #MakingPotentialPossible, this sets my teeth on edge a little, I have to admit !)

Now, the title of this article could be read in different ways.

Did you read it as :

Investing in… Time to make an impact


Investing in TIME… to make an impact


Perhaps if you read it the second way you too feel time impoverished too?

I recently read an article on the “five-hour rule”, which noted how many highly regarded CEOs take lots of time to read, including Warren Buffett, who reads for 5-6 hours each day.

Now, this can land as a great reason to shift priorities to read more, and at the same time,  perhaps to be a better leader or to make more money.

However, I know that my friend is highly purpose-driven and always feels short of time. Perhaps things could truly change for them if they chose to “invest in TIME.. to make an impact” as the more they read the greater an impact could have through their amazing mind synthesising ideas from all of that intellectual stimulation?

I leave you with a thought from the great master Covey :

investing in time impact