Make Music

It is said that it takes 30 days to make a habit, to engrain something and build neural pathways.

From an earlier post, I am committing myself to leading a “Wild and Precious” life, and one of Presence.

As part of my creative process I’m writing again.

To this, I have the self-knowledge that I tend to focus on being busy and not on making the time to “Do the Work” (as Steven Pressfield would say!).  I’m also aware of a tendency to seek approval and attention rather than simply taking pleasure and meaning in the activity itself.

I anchor, then, on this passage from “The Little Book of Ikigai” by Ken Mogi :

Make music, even when nobody is listening. Draw a picture when nobody is watching. Write a short story that no one will read. The inner joys and satisfaction will be more than enough to make you carry on with your life. If you have succeeded in doing so, then you have made yourself a master of being in the here and now.

PS : As I write this, today’s email came in from Seth Godin, who has posted a daily blog every day (EVERY day) for well over 20 years. So, I googled “Seth Godin daily” and found this post from him called “Daily” :

There’s a fundamental difference between the things you do every day, every single day, and the things you do only when the spirit moves you.

One difference is that once you’ve committed to doing something daily, you find that the spirit moves you, daily.

Seth once spoke of one motivation for him being to “open doors for those that open doors for others”. I hope to do the same and am inspired by you. Thank you, Seth !